Asset Management

Kirin Asset Management
As one of the your asset managers, our mission is to help you achieve your investment goals.

Our Clients at the Core

Helping our clients to meet their goals is our first priority.

Fulfilling Our Clients’ Needs

To best serve our clients’ needs, we have built solutions to be global, diversify and direct.

Culture of Masterpiece

We aim to cultivate a culture of masterpiece as your companions and risk management left and right hands.


Our Clients at the Core

Our clients are at the core of our existence They are global and sophisticated that require investment expertise and tailored client service to help them achieve their investment objectives. We serve a range of clients – both individuals and institutions – who count on us to help them understand markets, deliver the investment solutions according to their plans and investment goals.


Fulfilling Our Clients’ Needs

To best serve our clients’ diverse and ever changing needs, we have built our business to be global, diversify and direct across:

Asset & Products

We strive to be fulfilling and prompt to cater the ever changing needs of our clients by developing potential new products that are scarce to the generic market across a range of asset classes including fixed income, money markets, funds, equities and other niche products/ investment opportunities.

Global and Local Exposure

We provide global exposure, local and industry expertise through a network of our established platforms/ partners, serving a diverse range of clients around the Asia-Pacific region.


Clients seek tailored and holistic solutions. Based on our clients’ needs, we customize solutions across a range of offerings – from asset allocations, strategies to establish portfolios to advisory solutions.


An inheritance of Masterpiece

The strength of our platform is originated in our focus with our clients and resources. We strive for an inheritance of masterpiece as:


Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients built upon mutual trust. They see us as a lifetime companion and like a friend who is equipped with great investment knowledge, understanding their needs to provide a comprehensive solution for them. We act like their left or right hand seeking insights and advice on their investments, leveraging on our abundant resources and connections across Kirin Financial Group with a network of industry elites and experts.

Risk Guardians

Walking with our clients, we see risk management as an on-going top priority for them, which is deeply rooted in our investment philosophy and procedures. Using our precise and professional Compliance and risk-management team, we control the risks to be borne by our clients to make sure the risks that they bear are worth taking. We exist, because our clients need us.