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Award Winning : Excellent Brand of Financial Planning



Kirin Financial Group is delighted to announce that we have been named the ‘Excellent Brand of Financial Planning at Hong Kong Leader’s Choice 2017 Brand Award by Metro Finance FM104.


As a newly established financial institution, we would like to take this opportunities to show our appreciation to the mother company Kirin Group Holdings Limited (Listing No. 8109) for being supportive to reduce our difficulties at the first stage. And we are grateful for having the excellent and experienced management team who could draw the outstanding staff and frontline to join the company. Last but not least, we would like to show our gratitude to our staff and partners for standing with Kirin from the beginning.


In the coming future, other than providing excellent service in financial planning field, we are going to explore the asset management and securities services. We are determined to the all- rounded financial institution in the market.