Third Quarter Topper Club Qualifier Luncheon


In order to embrace the joyful moment of Clement Chow and Paul Wang becoming the Third Quarter Topper Club qualifiers, Justin Ng, the Chief Executive Officer and Tess Leung, the Chief Distribution Officer of Kirin Financial Group were hosting a fine dining in SOLO. 


SOLO is a culinary stage for Star Chef KK Chan. You may taste all his Award-Winning dishes there. Chef Chan is awarded with numbers of local and international competitions, including Michelin 1 star restaurant, Gold Medal and World Champion of World Championship of Chinese Culinary Competition, Gold Medal of China National Culinary Competition, Gold with Distinction Award of Hong Kong The Best of the Best Culinary Award and the Final Champion of Hong Kong TVB Master Chef.


During the Luncheon, our team not only enjoying the good food, but also having market update. Eric Yip, the Head of Research was invited to share the latest market information to our Topper Club qualifier. We seize every chance to become better and to serve our clients better.