2017 Second Quarter Topper Club Qualifier Luncheon


In order to embrace the joyful moment of our outstanding consultants Arvin Wong、Bryan Chan、Dick Yam、Frankie Ng、Paul Wang and Steve Li becoming the 2017 Second Quarter Topper Club qualifiers, Justin Ng, the Chief Executive Officer and Tess Leung, the Chief Distribution Officer of Kirin Financial Group were hosting a fine dining in La Bombance. 
Tokyo, La Bombance has been serving “New Japanese Cuisine” since 2004. It became the restaurant of choice for celebrity patrons in Tokyo over the years, and it has been awarded the Michelin Star recognition for eight consecutive years. In the early Summer of 2016, La Bombance opened its first outlet in Hong Kong at the new iconic building – V Point in Causeway Bay, where guests can enjoy the spectacular Victoria Harbour view as part of the dining experience.

Congratulations! And we look forward to seeing the new comers of Topper Club.